SKE48 Team E リーダー [Leader] 須田 亜香里 (AKARI SUDA)

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SKE48 Team E リーダー [Leader]  須田 亜香里 (AKARI SUDA)
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AKB48 53rdシングル 世界選抜総選挙 アピールコメント
AKB48 53rd Single World Senbatsu General Election Appeal Comment
AKB48 第53張單曲 世界選拔總選舉 呼吁影片
วีดีโอหาเสียงงานเลือกตั้ง World Senbatsu General Election ประจำซิงเกิ้ลลำดับที่53 ของ AKB48

SKE48 Team E リーダー [Leader] 須田 亜香里 (AKARI SUDA)

I am really sorry but can I ask a question that doesn’t relate to the general election? Am I ugly?
Of course there are fans that tell me I am cute and support me so I have a feeling of sorry but please listen till the end.
When you look up Akari Suda the words ugly, not cute came up and in the end the word ugly was written on the band on the book I published.
So I thought I had to take this as positive way but recently there has been changes like I get, you got beautiful, and that I look cute in real life so many fans came to the hand shake meeting.
But maybe I was overconfident. The AKB48 group there is a Picture meeting where the fans are able to take pictures with the member at the event and at that time of the event my sales drop.
Is there a problem with my looks? I want to ask every one of the nation. Am I ugly? Or am I cute?
Before the AKB world senbatsu general election please vote for the two options.

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